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Our staff consists of highly skilled and passionate workers whose goals are to provide the necessary tools and education to encourage your health knowledge and bridge your health needs.

Executive Director

Allison Wiman | RN, BSN, MPH

Associate Director

Calandra Portalatin | MA,MCHES,CTTS

Tobacco Program Manager

Emily Kohler | BS, RDH, CTTS


Kristen Aguirre | MBA, TTS

Assistant Tobacco Program Manager

Ambreia Young | TTS

Navigator Manager

Tracy Melin | MPA

AmeriCorps VISTA Health Promotions Specialist

Health Promotions Specialist

Outreach Manager

Yolanda Gillette | TTS

(Se habla Español)

Health Educator

Mariann D’Arcangelis | BA, MA, MPH candidate


Health Promotions Specialist

Katharine Williams


Health Insurance Navigator


Fiscal Agent

Independent Contractors

AHEC Facilitator

Rory Reese | RDH, TTS

(Tools to Quit, Quit Smoking Now, Journeys)

AHEC Facilitator

Preston Mathews | MPH, TTS

(Tools to Quit, Quit Smoking Now, Journeys)

AHEC Facilitator

Betsy Hague | CFM, Health Coach, Tobacco Cessation Consultant in TMH

(Tools to Quit)

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